MP5 Parts Kit Complete, Genuine German HK, 0-1-3 Burst Group, Surefire 628 Classic


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MP5 parts kit from de-milled German HK MP5. No piecemeal–all parts original to same gun. 100% complete.


  • 0-1-3 burst trigger group
  • A2 fixed stock
  • Front stub with 16-flute CHF German MP5 barrel assembly
  • Action-3 bolt carrier group
  • Magwell stub with magazine release assembly
  • Rear stub with rear sight assembly
  • Surefire 628 Classic illumination handguard
  • 30-round German magazine (reconditioned–excellent condition)
  • Weldments: rear sight base, sling clip, case deflector and leveling tab
  • 1 large, 2 small push pins
  • CONDITON: VERY GOOD–visible use and wear with little-to-no physical damage to furniture

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