BT-200590 B&T Telescopic Stock for HK MP5 SP5 HK94


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Swiss made B&T BT-200601 telescopic stock for the HK MP5, SP5, HK94 and compatible. This is a military grade stock as supplied by B&T to military and law enforcement units world-wide. B&T AG is a global industry leader in military and law enforcement weapon systems and accessories.


  • Compatibility: MP5, SP5, D54, MP5SD, HK94, Reverse-Stretch & compatible in-spec clones
  • Material: Aluminum/Steel
  • Color: Black
  • Weight:
  • Length adjustment: 5 position
  • Mounting: Standard mounting push pins
  • No modifications required on HK factory IN-SPEC firearms
  • Not for use on calibers greater than 9 x 19 mm

All Federal, State and Local laws apply.

SKU: BT-200590

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