DT HMMS by Griffon Industries


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Manufactured by Griffon Industries, the highly regarded HMMS (Heat & Mirage Mitigation System) is a must have for those that shoot with a suppressor. The HMMS reduces risk of burns and reduces mirage which ideal for both close work as well as long range shooting.


  • Rated for LIGHT to MEDIUM duty use
  • Minimizes contact burns in urban and vehicle operations
  • Fire Retardant thread
  • MSDS Compliant
  • Reduces mirage & dissipates heat

When choosing a size, measure your suppressor from the muzzle rearward and consider your suppressor’s locking mechanism or clearance to the handguard. The HMMS must not break the plane of the muzzle, however rear overhang is acceptable if there are no clearance concerns.


  • Mini – 5”
  • SOCOM – 6”
  • Mid – 7.5”
  • DMR – 9”


  • Black with red DT logo
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