JMac Customs BDS-12 Blast Shield with Silencerco 3-lug Adapter Kit




Available for both H&K 9mm 3-lug and B&T .45 3-lug, these blast shields are designed for directing muzzle blast and concussion forward and away from the shooter. They are great for shooting in confined spaces or along side obstacles such as narrow shooting lanes and PCC competition. We have taken the JMac Customs BDS-12 and paired it with a Silencerco short 3-lug mount to make this easy to use blast shield kit for your 3-lug pistol caliber carbine. Also works great as a 3-lug thread protector for those that use direct thread silencers.


  • Color: Black or Beskar*
  • Blash Shield: JMac Customs BDS-12
  • 3-lug Adapter: Genuine Silencerco low-profile (wrench included)
  • Diameter: 1.375″
  • Length: 2.125″ (adapter installed)
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Diameter: 1.375″
  • Compatibility: In-spec H&K 9mm 3-lug or B&T .45 3-lug barrels

* When Beskar is selected and utilized with the included 3-lug adapter, the Galactic Empire logo can be timed at the 12 o’clock position assuming a lug on the barrel timing is the same.


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