MAG1070 Magpul SL Grip Module for HK94/93/91 & Compatible Semi Shelf Roller-Lock Firearms


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The MAG1070 Magpul SL Grip Module is a high-strength, injection-molded polymer grip module for HK94/93/91 & compatible Semi Shelf HK Clones with SEF-type trigger packs. Designed with improved ergonomics, a non-slip texture, and a modern aesthetic, the SL Grip Module brings numerous enhancements without sacrificing the iconic silhouette of the firearm.

Containing innovations found in our other grips, the SL Grip Module provides increased firearm control with a TSP texture and easier to access fire control components through an optimized grip angle. HK “Navy-style” pictograph markings give a clear indication of the selector position while the MIAD®/MOE® Lube Bottle Core provides a 1/2 oz. bottle to keep weapons lubricant close at hand. Compatibility with other MIAD/MOE Grip Cores (sold separately) allows additional options to store critical items. The combination of our high-strength polymer and corrosion-resistant steel components provide proven Magpul reliability.


  • Compatible with SEF-type trigger packs only–more info
  • Genuine HK94, HK93, HK91
  • Dakota Tactical family of roller-locks (excludes D54K series)
  • Perfect for MP5 builds and other HK clones that feature 1980-era correct semi shelf
  • Modification required for .40 and 10 mm variants

MADE IN THE USA (922r compliant part)

SKU: MAG1070

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D54R, Reverse-Stretch, HK32, PTR32, D52, 7.62×39, HK53, D53, D300, HK91, G3, G3K, PTR91, HK93, HK33, HK33K, MP5, D54, MP5SD, HK94, MP5/40, MP5/10

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