Vector Arms .223 Receiver for HK93 HK53 300 BLK & Custom Builds



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The best H&K style .223 / 5.56 x 45mm / 300 AAC BLACKOUT receiver on the market.

These receivers are marked Vector Arms V-93, rolled and shipped to us unwelded. We then use our own fixtures to do the final welding. This is simply the best receiver available for your H&K style rifle or pistol project.

Popular uses include:

  • HK 93/33/53 builds including K variants
  • Custom .223/5.56 builds
  • Custom 300 AAC BLACKOUT builds

Features include:

  • Top rib stamped/formed
  • Seam welded here at Dakota Tactical
  • All necessary weldments are properly installed here at Dakota Tactical making the build much easier
  • Bolt carrier and end-cap/stock fit tested
  • Abrasive blasted and parkerized for ease of handling and storage

NOTE: Magwell trimming has not been performed on these receivers. This is a common step that is to be completed by the builder.

Attention: Federal Law requires that this item must be shipped to a valid Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL). In order to prevent processing and shipping delays, please read our Purchasing Firearms Online page for important details on completeing your order.
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