Dakota Tactical D54H 9mm Receiver




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The Homebrew…

Wanting to build your own MP5-style blaster? Get your new build off to a great start with a D54H 9mm receiver!


  • Properly rolled and welded
  • Perfect for full-sized, reverse-stretch and SD builds
  • All weldments installed (semi-shelf, case deflector, sling clip, rear sight base, recoil tab)
  • Magazine release catch arm slot cut in
  • Pre-sized for proper fit of endcaps, braces and stocks
  • Registered sear/cage compatible
  • Parkerized finish

Important info:

  • Experienced roller-rock build skills strongly recommended
  • Magwell is pre-sized and will require final sizing after trunion and magazine release installation
  • Claw mount tabs and recoil tabs are not pre-machined as we recommend that be done after all welding is complete
  • If build by a 3rd party, please verify fitment of accessories before sending out as minor shifts in geometry can occur that should be addressed by the builder


Q. What if I get one trunion and decide later I want the other?
A. We recommend you choose carefully. If you have a full sized/SD trunion and later decide you want to do a K or RS build, the K/RS cocking tube must be modified to fit. A K/RS trunion can be used in a FS/SD build with no modification however you will have a small cosmetic gap under the tube since K/RS trunions have a larger relief cut for the K/RS inset cocking tube.

Q. Does it really matter which rail I choose?
A. Yes. A 15-slot rail to too long for a K or Reverse-Stretch build. A 13-slot rail on a full-sized or SD build may be too short if you prefer your optics mounted as far forward as possible.

Q. Where do you place the NFA engraving?
A. We engrave down in the left side rail channel.

Q. Can I send you a parts kit to complete out the build?
A. Not at this time. Once our current production backlog is settled, we will open the books to assembly of parts kits.

Q. Can I request a magazine release or barrel be installed?
A. We do plan on offering those options at some point in future however ETA is unknown.

Q. Which clipped/pinned trigger packs fit the D54H?
A. The semi-shelf on the D54H is installed in the same location as 80’s era HK imports (HK9x, SP89)

This item can only be shipped to a Federally licensed firearms dealer. All Federal, State and Local laws apply.


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