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The Arisaka Low Profile Bipod Mount replaces the stock sling swivel interface on Harris S-series swivel bipods with a minimalist Picatinny mount. Rotation limiters allow for approximately 15 degrees to either side for leveling, and the mount works fine with pod lock levers.

Compared to an aftermarket Picatinny-to-sling-swivel adapter and the stock sling swivel interface, the Low Profile Bipod Mount reduces the overall height, weight, and bulk of the bipod. This new version features a quick disconnect latch that allows the user to quickly install and remove the entire bipod from a Picatinny rail.

Installation/removal is done by loosening the canting adjustment, pulling the latch away from the Picatinny rail, and then sliding the mount (and bipod) on or off the rail. Once the bipod is positioned where you want it, release the latch, ensure it has seated in a slot in the rail, and then snug the canting adjustment back to your preferred tightness. Even a slight amount of tension on the canting adjustment will lock the latch in place, preventing it from moving.

Please note: There will be slight play between the bipod mount and rail. This is necessary due to variations in 3rd party manufacturers of rail sections and handguards, and ensures the bipod mount can be easily removed and installed. Any slack is taken up when the bipod is properly loaded, and has no negative effect on strength or accuracy.

The Low Profile Bipod Mount is compatible with Harris S-series swivel bipods including the S-BR, S-BRM, S-L, and S-LM.

If you have a M-Lok rail system the Arisaka Low Profile Picatinny Rails for M-Lok are a perfect match since they add very little additional height and use three mounting screws for maximum strength and durability.

Requires a 1/4″ socket wrench for assembly (tools not included).

  • Weight: 1 oz
  • Length: 1.26″
  • Width: 1.20″

Distance from swivel axis to Picatinny rail: 0.62″ (bipod hangs approximately 1/8″ below Picatinny rail)

The Low Profile Bipod Mount is CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum (base) and 7075-T6 aluminum (latch), and MIL-A-8625 Type III hard coat anodized.

Made in the USA.

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